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photo by prateek katyal on unsplash

1. bhutan 不丹

the kingdom of bhutan, located on the silk road in south asia, claimed the no. 1 spot partly for its majestic beauty and because it is set to become the first fully organic nation by 2020.


the kingdom has lush subtropical plains in the south and sub-alpine himalayan mountains in the north, which include gangkhar puensum, bhutan’s highest peak and believed to be the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.


photo by daan huttinga on unsplash

2. england 英格兰

while tourists may flock to big ben and buckingham palace, lonely planetsuggests visitors should travel to england's coastal towns instead.


the english seaside gives locals and visitors the chance to search for marine life in rock pools, find fossils in cliffs — and of course, eat fish and chips.


rock pool: (海边岩石间的)潮水潭

in 2020, new sections of the england coast path will continue to open, making it easier to explore the country's coastline.


photo by milana jovanov on unsplash

3. north macedonia 北马其顿

if you want an alternative to europe's more popular travel spots, north macedonia could be for you.


its mountain trails are "blissfully quiet," the locals are "unfailingly helpful," according to lonely planet.


among its destinations is ohrid, a charming, old town dotted with medieval ruins and churches, lined with cobblestone streets, and overlooking lake ohrid.


photo by david troeger on unsplash

4. aruba 阿鲁巴岛

tourists know this caribbean getaway for its white-sand beaches, sparkling waters, and laid-back resorts.


aruba's temperatures usually stay around 80 degrees — making a dip in the water seem too good to pass up.


pass up: 放弃(机会)

photo by ashim d’silva on unsplash

5. eswatini 伊斯瓦蒂尼

the kingdom offers a variety of climate and topography differences, and is known for its wildlife, which include more than 500 bird species and 107 mammal species. the nation has seven nature reserves, four frontier conservation area and three wildlife reserves.


photo by javier mazzeo on unsplash

6. costa rica 哥斯达黎加

costa rica is beloved for many reasons, from its coffee to its epic surfing.


it's also notable for its reliance on green energy sources. in fact, 90% of its energy is created by renewable sources, such as wind and hydro. it is also one of the world's most biodiverse countries — home to half a million species.


and of course, no trip to costa rica is complete without a visit to the sloth sanctuary.


photo by alice achterhof on unsplash

7. the netherlands 荷兰

visit the netherlands for its art history and world-class galleries, its perfectly flat cycling routes along canals and past fields of tulips, or for the charm and nightlife of amsterdam. whatever the reason, it will take your breath away.


beautiful rainbow fields of crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips burst into flower each year between march and may, according to lonely planet.


in the year that marks 75 years of freedom since the end of wwii, the netherlands is ready to celebrate with events across the country.


photo by francesco ungaro on unsplash

8. liberia 利比里亚

in liberia, travelers will find sapo national park, one of west africa's best national parks. in the dense forests there, you stand a chance of running into chimpanzees, forest elephants and liberia’s famous pygmy hippos – no larger than a shetland pony.


photo by kyriacos georgiou on unsplash

9. morocco 摩洛哥

the kingdom of morocco, known as the place the sun sets, is a romantic and exotic destination, and it’s known as a safe place to visit. many people are drawn to its beaches, but its ancient cities, such as casablanca and marrakesh, attract the most visitors. in recent years, visitors have headed to the atlas and rif mountains and their hiking trails.


photo by greta schölderle møller on unsplash

10. uruguay 乌拉圭

the country provides innumerable special experiences for visitors, from the eclectic, historic streets of montevideo to welcoming hot springs and laid-back beach towns.






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